educational project

L'Arcobalena is a project created to promote and enhance the transition of children from their families to the context of the school for their inclusion - and not adaptation - in the life of the group, to create a bridge between the school and the family, promote research and experimentation on issues relating to the development of children and techniques for programming and verification, on group dynamics. It is a secular school secularism as meaning the maximum respect for the belief/faith of all.
Our methodology is based on the educational content of "Active Education" whose aim  is not a product but rather the development of a process of both social and cognitive enrichment. The bond that motivates and accompanies learning is the child's interest for knowledge. The "actve"  interest is what promotes  interaction with peers, teachers, the environment, and  with the so-called school activities.
The  "New guidelines for kindergarten" teaching planning is divided into various activities that are scientifically supported by differents studies on learning, starting from the child with his history, his needs expressed and unexpressed, his capacity and potential. Our educational experience is strongly linked to our school building  and its outdoor areas. The educational work of teachers' group  is supervised by a developmental psychologist
Time for child's acclimatization in to the school is very delicate and it has to be tackled on  time and the procedures of each one. The child and his family must had to feel emotionally accepted by the school, just so they can overcome the mutual pain of detachment and become a part, and not adapt,of a relational context broader larger than the family. The inclusion has to be done gradually and gradually extend to all the school day.
  1. every child is a unique person
  2. The school can not exists without the help of the families
  3. Need to support the autonomy, self-esteem and motivation to physical , emotional and cognitive development of the children
  4. relationships are the foundation of our existence
  5. we learn by experimenting
  6. take care to the learning and also to the spontaneous learning
  7. to play helps to grow and to feel good
Just to encourage the emergence and consolidation of these points, the relationship between the families and the school there are a lot of moments of meeting: The pre-interview is a meeting between the parents and teachers before the beginning of the child to attend school. We know each other in order to establish a relationship of trust to allow the custody of their child at the school and welcomes 'the story of the child'. The talks during the school year offer the opportunity for parents and teachers to learn much more about the child in the school and in the family.